OɅ8i8 - villas in Dubai

Status: Stage 1. Ongoing concept design
Photography: Inaki Leite Design LLC
Year: 2021

17,000 ft² footprint with central courtyard of 9,000 ft² (

We design focusing on enhancing the life and wellbeing sensations of the property owners, and having very present the surrounding environment and the unique location to achive the highest rates of efficiency.

We suggest to design the villa focusing on the people, and using all elements of design to bring positive emotions and sensations. To achieve this we will design the whole and the specifics of each space with key elements and considerations. For example, we have experience in projects that achieve relaxation by the use of good proportions, well considered material finishes and shaping the natural light to create the atmosphere we want in each space. By activating all senses through our design, we can create positive emotions. Some examples of elements we will play with to improve wellbeing are:

- Water: We will use water across the project with baths and its laying positions, pool and its different uses/positions, Spa, massage and feet relaxation zones, water evaporation in of the OɅ8i8 etc.

- Scent and landscaping. We will work together with our landscaping and botanic specialists to incorporate different natural plant scents that can change around the year and be associated by the owners with the positive feelings to the property.

- Sound – sounds are powerful in evoking memories and sensations. We will create freshness with pond and waterfalls and integrating home music systems in the design.

We will also use all visual aspects to enhance the complete experience. We will make sure to optimize the views, the different social or private areas of the house, the visual comfort with shading and control of the natural light during the entire day, from dawn to dusk.

The concept OɅ8i8 is intrinsically related to the idea of “wellbeing in a desert”. It is a paradise in the core of the villa where all its positive energy drives the design around it. The OɅ8i8 offers protection, privacy, acoustic insulation, and most importantly wellbeing to its inhabitants. The OɅ8i8 is hugged and protected by the surrounding, the house and the lattice, and will only be open to the North and with selected views to the North-West.

The shape of the OɅ8i8 gives natural protection and privacy because of its topography, landscaping and the shell’s shape of the villa. Also gives the necessary sun protection because of the north facing opening. All villas should be orientated in the same position. But access will be designed with different approaches or promenades.

The lattice roof will be calculated to shade from March to September. It would be an ideal framed for incorporating some Arab aesthetics to the shape for shading the OɅ8i8.

The energy efficiency will be line from the mechanical ventilation system with recovery heat exchanger in addition to natural heat exchangers through “Canadian shafts” for the mechanical ventilation itself and for the OɅ8i8 too. Also, the lattice will work as natural suction element because of the sun radiation heating the air in between and the natural evaporation of the OɅ8i8.

OɅ8i8 villa in Nad Al Sheba - Dubai, by Inaki Leite Design. View of the OɅ8i8 from North