Xoana Capdevielle Library - J. Graiño & R. Garitonaindía

A Coruña University
Status: Complete
Photography: Iñaki Leite
Year: 2008

Collaboration in 2002 as architectural assistant with J. Graiño Bermúdez.

[From the architect] A competition won with an incoherent program: A building with a mess program where the largest volume was allocated to a warehouse, various offices, post office, etc ... in a privileged lot of the university campus. The tension of the program itself generates new needs and creates spaces where light is presented as the axis of the new project, our own landscape. An interior landscape that is tempered by the presence of the exterior. And in the middle of the campus what exists outside qualifies that use.

The reality of constructed thinking leads to the programmatic redifination of logic. It begins to emerge the true essence of the use, transforming itself into the hall of studies of the university. Materiality dictates its own path.

The new proposal leads us to address a large void, a piece of 36 x 100 m where light control is established for the various functions. For this building we use primary colors such as red or blue because the color is always affirmation and focuses the look of who looks at it. The glasses are stained blue and the red ones flood the structure that is still more defined framing the place, dying it of life, filling that space, it is inside and outside. Skylights are the time clock. The orange frames the light to disappear when absorbed by it. The concrete enclosure, the wall that is cut creating slits of light, walls half closed. The perforated sheet, the veil, is transparency, intimacy but at the same time relationship. Light, light, more light were the last words of Goethe.

Xoana Capdevielle Library - collaboration with J. Graiño Bermúdez